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Caldera Forms makes form building so easy, it’s fun!

Create smart, detailed forms quickly and easily with our FREE Caldera Forms plugin. With its intuitive drag and drop interface, it's never been easier and less stressful to create forms for your WordPress site that look awesome on any device. Read more below on why Caldera Forms is the best new form plugin for WordPress.

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Caldera Forms’ visual editor simplifies form building for WordPress. Set up your form with multiple columns, add additional pages, and funnel user responses with conditional logic to get more robust data and relevant information from your customers and visitors.
Caldera Forms is 100% FREE and available for download from, or can be installed via the WordPress plugin installer.

Pippin Williamson of Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro and AffiliateWP gives Caldera Forms a 5 star rating!

John Teague of Theme Surgeons includes Caldera Forms in his list of WordPress plugin recommendations I don’t get paid for.

Key Features:

  • Seamless WordPress integration
  • Drag and drop field placement to quickly and easily build forms
  • Conditional logic
  • Extensive list of form elements to choose from
  • Responsive across all devices
  • Developer-friendly
  • Extendable with premium add-ons

Easy For Anyone To Use–Beginners & Developers A Like

Caldera Forms’ drag and drop field placement makes it easy to build complex form layouts. Fields and processors can be configured to fit your purpose, and altering the layout to create multi-column, mobile-friendly WordPress forms is a breeze.

Developers will be pleased to know we’ve included numerous filters and actions that make Caldera Forms completely customizable. The use of Bootstrap for the responsive grid allows you to modify the appearance of your forms, and integrate with other Bootstrap-based plugins and themes.
For developers and advanced users, the plugin includes various form types; mail and redirect processors, entry logging, and AJAX submissions.

Premium add-ons – take your forms to the next level!

We’ve created a bunch of premium add-ons to extend the functionality of Caldera Forms even further. Some of these include integration with MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, Slack and more. Check them out here.

Built with Easy Pods

Extensive documentation for Caldera Forms is available at


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