Jonathan Atkinson


Freelance web designer, WordPress themer, UI and GUI specialist. Founder of , father, husband and all round good guy.

Ohio, USA
Joined August 2008

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  1. Overcast and raining outside so there's nothing better than watching some on great game so far

  2. since updating to iOS9 my wife's iPad now rings at the same time as my phone and my phone randomly 'wakes up' with no notifications or call

  3. "By 2020, 70% of European online advertising will be controlled by Facebook and Google" wow!

  4. support at times is like playing a special mystery game, trying to gather clues on what the issue is someone is contacting you about

  5. UPDATE: Conference theme v1.1.8 fixes an issue with analytics

  6. UPDATE: Attend theme v1.0.4 fixes an issue with analytics not reporting correctly

  7. these new images of Pluto though.

  8. killing in with production this week - 2 client projects complete and 2 more half way thru. plus new theme also almost complete.

  9. rather than listen to a bunch of people spout empty promises, I'm here working, helping to keeping the economy going.

  10. What Joseph A Banks can teach you about pricing your digital items. Should be a post but can't be bothered.

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    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be patient w/ as due to the overwhelming numbers of downloads, it may not download right away. Thanks!

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    anyone give me some advice on infinite scroll (jetpack) & shuffle.js?

  13. let's do a search for restaurant on Envato Market - oh look, zero restaurant results

  14. "Our customer reviews" … are not actually related to this product in anyway whatsoever. Current trend at ThemeForest apparently.

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    Just got back from my honeymoon to see the team launched the new podcast site!

  16. Kingdom Church - powered by the free Church Themes Content plugin

  17. This. Work. Is. Awesome.

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  19. Did you donate yet? “: sponsor an hour, a day, or a week for me to work in the .org forums?

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    Want to come and work at as WordPress Evangelist? Pretty cool job! North America, 20hrs/wk. Apply here:

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